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Getting paid

We believe in creating sustainable partnerships with our sellers—that’s why we have no upfront fees or limits on our platform. List as many paid products as you like. We only take commission on sales you make.


With self-listing, you get to choose your own listing price. Sell your product at the original price or at a discount—it’s your call.

Terms & refunds

Revenue Share

Earn 95% of revenue from new buyers you bring to AppSumo—all the profit, minus a small 5% processing fee. Earn 70% of revenue from returning AppSumo customers we bring to you.


“I think AppSumo has the fairest revenue sharing plan anywhere on the planet. In addition, DocPro has increased its exposure to our target market segment—small businesses—through AppSumo.


CEO of DocPro

Payment schedule

In accordance with our 60-day refund policy, all payments are processed 60 days after the end of each month. You’ll keep earning indefinitely.

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the first business day of:

Earning potential

How many sales can I expect?

  • We have seen some companies reach 1,000+ new customers and 20+ reviews in a month while others get single-digit sales and reviews.
  • There are many variables that come into play: the product, the offer, and how niche it might be. We cannot guarantee a specific sales estimate.

What features should I include in my listing?

  • Sumo-lings are highly discerning and look for products with the best value. Listings with super limited features—similar to what you’d expect from a free plan—typically don’t do well on AppSumo.

Can I change my listing price after launch?

  • After your listing goes live, you cannot change your listing price in the portal. Reach out to our team at to request an update.

“Awareness, exposure, traffic, email subscribers, AND sales—a marketer's dream!


Canva Template Designer & Founder of The Template Tribe

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