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Go viral with a dedicated team of expert digital marketers. With a 1.5M+ email distribution list, 350K+ social followers, and an affiliate network of bloggers, influencers, and YouTubers — we make the internet crazy about you.

“If you do everything right, interest to your brand, the number of registrations and sales will keep growing even after the end of the sale.”
- Eugene Lata, VP of Marketing at Serpstat

Get thousands of new users

Access a vibrant community of ideal software users: engaged, vocal early adopters. If you impress them, they often become NPS-10 product evangelists.

“[Sumo-lings] buy because they see and understand the value… when we have conversations with them over support or social media, they get why the business exists and the problem it is there to solve.”
- Benjamin Dell, Founder of HelpShelf, HeySummit, Missinglettr, and OnboardFlow

Target new market & customers

Looking to target a new geographical market or user base? When you run a deal with AppSumo, your product is sent to a whole new global audience of Sumo-lings who will use your product for their businesses and explore practical new ways to use it.

“Most of AppSumo’s audience is from the US and other English-speaking countries. But there are also people from Europe and Asia. AppSumo has a global audience, like Facebook or Google. Not bad, eh?”
- Max Pecherskyi, CEO and Co-founder of PromoRepublic

Grow your public roadmap with high-quality user feedback

Put your customer experience first with tons of detailed and constructive feedback from users who have a vested interest in seeing your product succeed. Fill out your knowledge base with answers to user-generated questions.

“In two weeks, we were able to establish a proper technical roadmap for the next months and also build a lot of great relationships with our users.”
- Guillaume Moubeche, CEO and Co-founder of lemlist

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What our partners say about AppSumo

“I'd say the most significant benefit of working with AppSumo is gaining access to an avalanche of valuable feedback from users that know their products."

Rikki Pitt
Founder ofJemcode and Paced Email

“The biggest benefit for me has been making connections with new customers, understanding how they use our products, and having their feedback shape the products that we plan to create next.

Lynette Chandler
Founder of Thrive Anywhere

“I would say it’s a win-win for everybody. You can test your market and see if your product is something people actually want.

Guillaume Moubeche
CEO of Lemlist

"You guys were like a silent angel investor in Bizness Apps. Without you, I honestly don’t think the company would have been successful…"

Andrew Gazdecki
CEO of Microaquire

AppSumo started getting us sales on the first day with no promotion! We were blown away by the number of signups. But the greatest accomplishment, by far, was the feedback—every feature request really helped us focus our roadmap.”

Andrew Walters
Co-founder of Vidds.com

"Vmaker is now edging close to 30K users since our launch 6 months ago."

Lakshmanan Raman
Growth at Vmaker

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