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Beginner's guide

Launching your product on AppSumo is as easy as:
1. Prepare

Create the assets you need for submission.

2. List

List your product through our portal.

3. Launch

Start spreading the word—and earning.


The basics

Your product, your listing

Add images, copy, and pricing that’s right for you. Once submitted, your product can go live on AppSumo within just a few days.

Start selling
Get paid. No upfront fees.

What you’ll need to list your product

  • AppSumo account (sign up)
  • Cover image
  • Copy
  • Listing price
  • Email address for support
  • Images of your product
  • Redemption flow materials
    *See below for more info

Tips for creating a taco-worthy listing

If you’re a Sumo-ling, you know that great brand assets like clear images and enticing copy mean the difference between buying and closing out of the window.


Brand assets:

1. Images

Create high-resolution images that show off your product.

View image recommendations

2. Copy

Craft feature-packed content that converts.

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Note you’ll also upload a list of key features in Step 5: Pricing.

3. Pricing

Set the price that feels right to you.

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“The recipe for a successful launch is writing a nice product description and providing the best pictures to showcase your product. Once your product is featured on AppSumo you should try your best to get as many 5-star reviews as soon as possible."


Cofounder of LinkHelp


How buyers will get your product

Redemption is the final step of the checkout flow. It’s how buyers will receive your product. With self-listing, buyers will either:


Redemption setup (codes only)

Let’s talk code-based redemption. You can set up redemption one of two ways:

Static URL redemption

Buyers get a code (that you submitted) and follow a static URL to a landing page on your website where they can redeem it.

Dynamic URL redemption (advanced)
Buyers get a dynamic URL with a unique AppSumo code embedded in it, allowing the AppSumo code to be applied with one click.



What you’ll need for code-based redemption

In order to streamline self-listing, here are four items to prepare:

“From my perspective, I think the key is the communication with the community (the Sumo-lings). It was so inspiring to read their input and feature requests 😍 This was a great experience.”


CEO of GuidePlugin


What to expect after launch

Have an action plan for marketing your product

After your listing goes live:

  • Be ready to answer questions on your listing page
  • Prepare your support team for an increase in users
  • Email buyers to ask for reviews (codes only)

Tools for partner success

Promotion is a crucial part of making your launch a success. To boost discoverability, we encourage you to focus on getting more traffic, purchases, and reviews on your listing.
Partner Success Guide

Get 10 years of marketing experience condensed into an actionable playbook for marketing your product.

Friendly support

Our incredible self-listing team is there for you every step of the way. We’ve got your back

Partner Portal

Access the Partner Portal to track total sales, revenue, and edit certain elements of your listing.

“I'd say the most significant benefit of working with AppSumo is gaining access to an avalanche of valuable feedback from users that know their products. Thanks to everyone that has reached out so far for a chat. It's been great!”


Founder of Jemcode and Paced Email

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