Black Friday Fund

Win up to $10,000 by submitting a digital product before November 17th.
Launch on AppSumo to join the fun.

Start selling. Win big.

*Submit before November 17th at 11:59pm CT to qualify


First 400 products to launch*


Next 2,000 products to launch*


10 lucky partners who opt in to the Black Friday promo

Calling all creators

Bigwig brands don’t own Black Friday. Here at AppSumo, we want entrepreneurs, underdogs, and creators to take back the BIGGEST sales day all year.

That’s why we're taking our $1,000,000 Black Friday budget and giving it away to you—the creators at the heart of our community.

If you have a digital product to sell like software, ebooks, or online courses—this one’s for you.

Submit your product on AppSumo before Nov. 17th to hit the jackpot.

The sooner you launch, the better. You can earn big from an anticipated 2-3x boost in sales volume and 4x traffic during the event.

Ready to crush it this Black Friday?

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Online courses

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Visit our Beginner’s guide to get tips for listing your product on Marketplace.

How the $1M Black Friday Fund works

List your product

Click Sell on Black Friday to list your digital product in minutes.

Get approved

Our team will review your product to ensure it’s set up for success.

Earn big

Once approved, you'll get $1K cash (first 400) or $250 (everyone else).

Bonus: 10 lucky partners who opt in to the Black Friday promo will win an extra $10,000!

AppSumo started getting us sales on the first day with no promotion! We were blown away by the number of signups. But the greatest accomplishment, by far, was the feedback—every feature request really helped us focus our roadmap.”

Andrew Walters
Co-founder of Vidds.co
(with Buddy, the goodest boy)

We’ve launched thousands of digital products—yours can be one of them.


monthly site visits to AppSumo.com


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by self-listed partners


products listed as of August 2021

Get in on the Black
Friday magic

Start selling your product on AppSumo.
Make it the grooviest Black Friday yet.

Terms & Conditions


Need details about all the Black Friday excitement?

$1M Black Friday Fund

What is the $1M Black Friday Fund again?

We’re giving our Black Friday marketing budget away: ALL ONE MILLION BUCKS. Get in on the action by submitting a digital product to sell on our platform before November 17th, 2021 at 11:59pm. The first 400 products to go live on AppSumo.com will get $1,000 each. After that, products that go live will get $250 until our $1M budget runs out. We’re pretty excited about it. Want in? Go here: Sell on Black Friday.

To sweeten the deal, we’re giving 10 lucky current or new partners $10,000. To enter to win, simply opt in to our Black Friday promotion using the toggle in your Partner portal. (Get all the juicy details in the giveaway terms & conditions our lawyers wrote.)

How do payouts work?

Once you submit your product, get approved, and go live on AppSumo.com, simply set up your bank or payment info in your Partner portal to get your money. Payouts will be issued within 30 days of launch.

What if I’m already selling on AppSumo?

If you’re a current self-listed partner who opts in to our Black Friday promotion, you’ll be entered to win one of ten $10,000 prizes. :) You can also tap into the $1M Black Friday Fund by listing another digital product.

How many products can I list?

There’s no limit. One product, one entry. That said, all listings must follow our Terms of use. Our amazing team actively moderates all submissions and listings on our platform.

Are Select partners eligible to participate in the $1M Black Friday Fund? 

Select products are not eligible for the $1M Black Friday Fund. However, if you are a Select partner, you are welcome to list any other products (outside of your Select campaign) you may have (think digital downloads like PDFs, templates, e-books, and more) to get in on the fund!

Do freebies count?

No. To enter, you must list an original paid product to our marketplace.

Black Friday promotion

When is AppSumo’s Black Friday?

Our Black Friday event will run from November 21st (5pm CT) – November 30th (noon CT). And it’s not just us... all partners who self-list a product can join the promotion too.

How can partners opt in to the Black Friday promotion?

Head over to your Partner portal to activate the Black Friday promotion for your product! Once you opt in, you’ll be entered to win $10,000 and your product will be included in our Black Friday promotion. If you have multiple products, you can choose which products you want to opt in before November 21, 2021 at 4pm CDT. You cannot opt in once Black Friday has started.

What if a partner wants to opt out?

If you opt in, you can choose to opt out by using the toggle in your Partner portal until November 21, 2021 at 4pm CDT. You cannot opt out once Black Friday has started.

What are the terms of the Black Friday promotion?

Opting in to our Black Friday promotion will allow you to be featured in the site-wide promotion, including exclusive collections on the AppSumo home page. Black Friday is so much fun, y’all. If you opt in, buyers will automatically receive 10% off your product(s) from November 21st (5pm CT) – November 30th (noon CT). All Black Friday discounts will apply to gross earnings before revenue share.

Have additional questions?

Reach out to partners@appsumo.com

Terms & Conditions

Keep in mind our team reserves the right to remove any product based on our terms & conditions. Any product removed from the store will not be eligible for $1M Black Friday giveaway.